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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 14 Recap

Rodgers Makes Historic Decision

Team Afure N/A
Team Jones N/A

Due to both teams having many of their players not show up or others forgetting their jerseys, this game began as a four on four match-up. The guys that did play in the first half showed absolutely no effort and played like their lives absolutely did not depend on the outcome of the game and like there was definitely going to be a tomorrow. They left the equivalent to nothing on the court. As a result, Commisioner Rodgers called the game at halftime. At first, since Team Afure was leading, they were ecstatic, thinking that they had picked up their first win of the season. Then Rodgers hit them with the addendum to his decision. No, they did not pick up their first win of the season. Quite the contrary. The game was so lethargic and poorly played that both teams lost.

I must say as assistant commissioner, I could not agree more with his conclusion of handing out a double-loss in this situation. In fact, I believe it was a historic ruling not only for the KBA, but the game of basketball as well. It sets the precedent for next time two NBA teams to decide to cheat the fans and mail in their performance like Vince Carter, post Raptors. David Stern can now point to May 17, 2010 as the day that saved basketball. As assistant commissioner, I am proud to have witnessed that moment in history. Although I am not proud to have had to witness that first half. After the losses, Team Afure drops to O wins, 8 losses and Team Jones falls to 2 wins, 6 losses.

Team Bailey has "Technical" Difficulties

Team Denzell Smith 29
Team Kyle Bailey 26

Team Smith (5-4) was extremely fortunate to come away with a victory after shooting 10% from the free-throw line. Team Bailey (2-6) tried to hand this game over to them on a silver platter by committing 3 technical fouls, but Team Smith seemed determined to keep the game close. Maybe they felt bad for the fans after Afure vs. Jones and wanted to give them an exciting game, but in my opinion it had more to do with Coach Smith's lack of emphasis on foul shooting at their practices. I'm certain that Smith will make the necessary adjustments to his practice planing in the future and substitute shooting drills for the allotted time dedicated to "V" and "Go Home" segments. In all honesty, if they had even shot 50%, they would have won this game by double digits. Instead, they had to sweat through the last 2 minutes of the second half. Marques Hudson had 10 points, 8 rebounds, and four steals in the victory. Teammate Denzell Smith added 6 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Vinnie Sanchez had 11 points. The rest of his team didn't score much but they did a remarkable job of being able to restrain themselves and only commit 3 technicals after the absolutely atrocious officiating by Rodgers and Maley. I mean seriously, could we at least get guys to ref who have either played the game or coached before? Having those two bums ref is like having Lebron James and Dominique Wilkins judge a dunk contest. It just doesn't make sense. Team Bailey shot the ball unbelievably well from three, they played suffocating team defense, made every pass that needed to made, and boxed out on every possession, yet they still lost due to the men on the whistle. How unfair is that? Personally, I think the league should take a vote and make sure that Maley and Rodgers are never assigned to one of their games again. That way, Team Bailey will be able to win every one of the rest of their games. Otherwise, their team will continue to be cheated out of victories time and again.

Brown Explodes for 25 in Win

Team Cartier Brown 48
Team Laquinn Parks 41

Even though Cartier Brown seems to think that the further back you shoot from, the more points you get, its undeniable that his three point shooting was why his team came out on top. Trailing by two at halftime, Team Brown (6-4) decided that it would take a different approach in the second half. Michael Darty was assigned to shadow Mario Sawyer all over the court by Coach Brown. When Sawyer had the ball, Darty was in his grill. When Mario was without the ball, Darty did everything in his power to keep it that way. His defense was one of the main reasons why Team Brown was able to pull away in the second half and why many think Darty might be named defensive player of the year. The other reason for the victory was Team Brown's incredible knack for referee bullying. If Team Bailey wants to know how to get calls, they should look no further than Brown's squad. These guys were masterful in the way they were able manipulate the officials in the second half. I haven't seen better referee bullying since the last time these guys played. If their was one negative for anyone on this team, it was Dimitri Baker, who showed everyone on the league that you need to play physical with him, as evidence by Zarpka Bohn's body slam of him late in the game. Cartier Brown's 25 points were the best in the league this year by any one individual. His teammate Thomas Hood contributed 16 of his own.

Until Team Parks (5-4) is able to admit that trading away Kyle Begusa might have been a mistake, I refuse to write about their performances. All I can say is that they have not won a game since getting rid of big Kyle. Can you say the Curse of Begusbino?

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