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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rankings After Week 3

Records through Friday, April 30. Last week's ranking in parentheses.

1. Team Laquinn Parks 3-1 (4)

Ealy's half courter sends Team Parks to the KBA mountaintop.

2. Team Patrick Glostner 3-1 (3)

Potential trade in the works for Cash Jones. Will Captain Jeff ship away his superstar even after Cash has finally started to figure it out? The answer will determine Team Glostner's fate.

3. Team Denzell Hargrove 3-2 (5)

Make up for Monday's loss to Team Rhodes by upsetting undefeated Team Brown on Friday.

4. Team Cartier Brown 2-1 (2)

Better competition equals worse results.

5. Team Denzell Smith 3-2 (6)

Captain Denzell Smith has stepped up his game and put everyone in the KBA on alert that his team is not one to sleep on.

6. Team Kyle Bailey 2-2 (1)

Cebron can not do everything by himself. He needs help. Can Bailey make a move at the trade deadline to appease Cebron and insure that he does not bolt for greener pastures during free agency?

7. Team Turean Connor 2-2 (8)

"The Cross" propels Team Connor to an easy victory over Team Bailey.

8. Team Mr. Rhodes 2-3 (7)

If Rhodes finger does not heal properly, these guys are in trouble. He may need a consultation from Dr. James Andrews.

9. Team Jeff Jones 1-3 (9)

Hassan Hall could help this team move their way up the KBA standings. Jeff may need to reconsider keeping Cash.

10. Team Afure Obeabor 0-4 (10)

Good news is, they only lost once this week. Bad news is, they only played once this week.

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