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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rankings After Week 4

Records Through Friday, May 7. Last week's ranking in parentheses.

1. Team Laquinn Parks 5-1 (1)

It appears that everyone in the league is afraid to play this team as they benefited from two forfeits this past week. Laquinn Parks' trade of shot blocker Kyle Begusa to Team Denzell Hargrove for Rob Tyler could go down as the most lopsided trade in the history of any sport at any level. This move may put them out of the top spot by the end of next week.

2. Team Patrick Glostner 6-1 (2)

The Positives: Picked up a couple wins this week. The Negatives: Patrick Glostner is now Persona non grata after the fit he threw after being called for blatantly hooking Derrick Gaddy. Not only did he earn a technical, almost costing his team the game, he also earned absolutely 0 calls in the future from notorious grudge holder, Coach Maley. Team Glostner better hope they don't play the first game of the day for the rest of the season, otherwise they could be in trouble.

3. Team Denzell Hargrove 3-2 (3)

Although they did not play this week, they got much better after Denzell Hargrove was able to con Laquinn Parks into trading Kyle Begusa to his team. How he was able to pull this move off is a mystery. Did Hargrove provide Laquinn Parks with monetary compensation as well? Did he promise to carry Laquinn's books around the school for the rest of the year? Did Denzell agree to serve a couple of Laquinn's detentions for him? Whatever the case may be, Team Hargrove got a lot better on Friday.

4. Team Denzell Smith 4-2 (5)

Blows out Team Rhodes and continues their assent up the KBA rankings.

5. Team Turean Connor 4-2 (7)

Team Connor is starting to live up to pre-season expectations. The emergence of big man Kenny Williams is just what they needed.

6. Team Cartier Brown 2-3 (4)

Dimitri Baker's new nickname may be "the elevator". No, this is not because he can jump out of the gym, it is because every time he checks back into the game, the other team's lead always seems to be going up.

7. Team Mr. Rhodes 2-4 (7)

Mid-season acquisitions of Jermaine Johnson and Royale Jones will have to fill the shoes of the injured Rhodes. If not, they better be praying for Rhodes to have a speedy recovery.

8. Team Kyle Bailey 2-4 (6)

Just two weeks ago, this team was the number one team in the league. Now, they are in shambles. Cebron wants out, players aren't showing up, and they missed out on all the best free agents. I would not be surprised if Coach Bailey resigned and decided to pursue a television deal at the KBANetwork.

9. Team Jeff Jones 2-4 (9)

Benefited from a forfeit, but gave it right back with a forfeit of their own a day later. Never thought I'd say this, but they will miss Cash dearly in upcoming weeks.

10. Team Afure Obeabor 0-7 (10)

Their new strategy of forfeiting allows them to lose like normal, but it also allows them to save face and talk about how they would have won if so-and-so would have showed up.

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