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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 4 Recap

Team Kyle Bailey 33
Team Afure Obeabor 31

Every time it looked like Team Afure (0-2) was about to close the gap in the second half, Jeremy McClendon (or J-Mac as I like to call him), channeled his inner Allen-Iverson, and always came up with The Answer that Team Bailey (2-0) needed. McClendon was able to hit big shot after big shot that helped squash any thoughts of a Team Afure victory. His 18 points and 5 rebounds were season highs, and much needed, considering Antonio Boyle's abscence for a large portion of the first half. Boyle, who scored a KBA high 29 points last week, did not have the necessary paperwork on file at the league office with Commisioner Rodgers prior to the game. Boyle who was quoted earlier in the day as saying "I'm gonna drop thirty-five today Coach", finished 25 points shy of that, chipping in 10. The unsung hero for Team Bailey was Chris Crawford, who helped shoulder the load during Boyle's first half abscence. Crawford's tough-nose defense, bordering on illegal, was a reminder to all of the importance of having a Rodman-like character to compliment a super-star like McClendon. Crawford also did something that I have never seen before in my 26 years. He started his own "Defense" chant, while guarding Rob Siler, to help motivate himself. Something to consider for anyone who takes pride in getting in a stance and locking their opponent down.

While Team Afure shot the ball much better than they did in their first game (It would be almost impossible not to), you have to wonder why, with their size advantage, that they don't go inside more. Afure Obeabor was about 23 inches taller than any member of Team Kyle Bailey, but after watching him during this game, you would have thought that paint was infested with a bad case of the chicken pox. I think the problem for Afure was that he saw his teammate, Markise Wilson, step into the game and hoist up a jump shot that would have made Larry Bird jealous. When you see something as beautiful and flawless as Markise's J, it is only human to want to duplicate it. Unfortunately for Afure, it is impossible to duplicate perfection, but boy he sure did try. His twelve points paced Team Afure, but he left observers wanting more from the big man.

Random Observations: Chaz "don't call me Charles" Thrailkill did not get the minutes that someone of his immense talent would normally dictate. Wrestling teammate, and highly sought- after free-agent Royale Jones, voiced his displeasure after the game by saying "Chaz needs to start getting more playing time or be traded. If not, don't be suprised if I strap on half-nelson after half-nelson until there is no one else for Afure to sub in but my boy Chaz. "

Team Patrick Glostner 56
Team LaQuinn Parks 46

The much anticipated match-up between league #1 Team Glostner (3-0) and #2 Team Parks (2-1) created an electric atmostphere in the gym prior to tip off. Not since Ali-Frazier, have such titans of excellence clashed. The two teams did not dissapoint as this was the most well-played and highest scoring game of the season. Team Glostner ultimately pulled away towards the end thanks to the contributions of Pat Glostner (15 points), Kevin Swanson (10 points), Remy Price (10 points), and Korey Williams (6 points). Glostner showed off his tremendous versatility on one play with a momenting changing lay-up, a crowd-pleasing chest pound, and a masterful demonstration of the 5-second rule (This occured after the chest-pound when his gum fell out of his mouth and he quickly picked it up and put it back in his mouth). Not to be outdone, Kevin Swanson made a push for Sportcenter's Top Ten by completely posterizing Courtney Ealy to end the first half. The mid-air collision left Ealy on the ground, face-down. Ealy was on the ground for a good three seconds, clearly contemplating whether or not to fake an injury or simply get up and deal with best taunts and finger-pointing that the crowd had to offer. Ealy choose to get up and take his verbal beating like a man, but clearly Swanson's boom was a big blow to his ego.

Team Laquinn Parks again proved to be the best passing team in all of the KBA . On one particular play they passed the ball six or seven times on one possession (A KBA record), leading to a wide open Courtney Ealy three (1 of 4 first half treys). These guys clearly know what it means to play as a team as evidenced by their well-balanced scoring attack. Chris Mister (Or Mister Mister, whichever you prefer), totaled 10 points on a couple giant killers and two threes. Mario Sawyer added 10 points and 8 "He did not really just do that" high-lite assists. The aforementioned posterized Ealy had 12 points in the first half, but the blow that Swanson's jam did to his confidence rendered him scoreless in the second. Freshman Sheldon Blanton saw his first action of the season and contributed with a nice rebound and putback late in the second half. In the end though, Team Glostner was just too good on this day.

The Debate: Prior to the game Patrick Glostner did the "Lebron throw powder into the air and draw attention to myself" move. This delighted the crowd, but led to a heated debate after the game between Glostner and Chris Crawford about who actually came up with the idea in the first place. Glostner claimed that the idea was his and his alone, but Crawford vehemently argued that he came up with the gimmick during division. As an outsider looking in, knowing that Crawford would never, ever, ever lie to a teacher (Not even in a million years), I'd have to side with him. Technically though, it is neither of their ideas, but really Lebron's. Check that, Lebron actually pawned it off Jordan and added his own twist. So really, they both have to go back to the drawing board, and find a creative twist that they can add to Lebron's move. May I suggest doing the powder throw, while doing a backflip. Or how about a powder throw-stanky leg combo?

Team Denzell Smith 45
Team Jeff Jones 32

The lead-in to television coverage of this game pitted it as Ogunleye vs. Ogunleye. Although it did not live up to the spectacle that everyone anticipated, this game was news-worthy as Team Denzell Smith (1-2) collected their first win of the season. Marques Hudson proved his mettle, scoring ten and doing all the dirty work for Team Smith. Syid Young led all scorers with a cool fifteen points and 6 assists. Denzell Smith said after the game of his team's victory, "I knew we had it in us, I just had to push the right buttons at practice and figure out how to motivate certain individuals to play their game and not try to play above themselves. "

Team Jeff Jones fought tremendously hard in this one. There was no quit in this team as they looked like five becoming one out there today. Phillip Strong and Cash Jones exchanged kind words and demonstrated that they have a bond that is irreplaceable. Cash had very few field goal attempts as he acted more as a facillitator for his teammates. While they may have lost, this team took astronomical strides in the right direction. What was amazing was that "Jeff Jones" face made absolutely zero appearances. In my estimation, this team may very well go undefeated the rest of the way.

(Note: If you want to know what really happened with Team Jones, read that paragraph over again. Whatever was said, think the exact polar opposite of that, and you will have the truth.)