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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day One Recap

Team Cartier 48
Team Afure 23
When you're wrong, you're wrong. Team Cartier Brown, ranked dead last in the KBA pre-season rankings showed that they may be a force to be reckoned with during the 2010 season (Granted, I prefaced their low ranking in saying that many of their players were a mystery to me, but who's making excuses). Both Michael Darty (11 points) and Tarik Martin (9 points) proved capable of leading Brown's squad into the upper-echelon of the league. Darty ran circles around Team Afure's guards (most notably, Chaz Thrailkill), while Tarik Martin's superior athleticism was too much to handle. Team Captain, Cartier Brown chipped in with 11 points and an impressive two missed dunks.
On the other side, Team Afure has a lot of work to do in order to right the ship. Sure, they were missing their team captain and fearless leader, but that is no excuse. Their horrid shooting and poor shot selection would have rendered them winless against just about any team in the league. The good news is that basketball guru and master of the X's and O's, Markise Wilson, is sure to come up with a better gameplan for their next opponent. Rob Siler led the team with 6 points on 0 for 37 shooting from three-point land. Chaz Thrailkill (who did not take my advice by sticking to what he knows best, defense) added 5 points on 0 for 16 shooting from long-distance.

Key to the Game: Dimitri Baker, pulled his best Jim Boeheim impersonation, and instructed his team to come out of a time-out in a trapping 2-3 zone. This brilliant coaching decision was impressive on two fronts. First, it completely stifled Team Afure's offensive continuity and flow. Secondly, it allowed Baker's defensive deficiencies to go unexploited. Great Call Dimitri!

Quote of the Game: "We want Markise! We want Markise! We want Markise!" Clearly, the raucous crowd of fifty wanted to be entertained by the maestro of the hardwood.

Team Kyle Bailey 48
Team Denzell Hargrove 33

During the first five minutes of this contest, neither team looked to be on top of their games. The trio of guards for Team Bailey (Antonio Boyle, Jeremy McClendon, and Kyle Bailey) began to take over the game with their hot shooting at the ten minute mark of the first half. Boyle, stranger to the phrase "Act like you've been there before", was feeling it from long-range throughout the entire game to the tune of a game-high 29 points. McClendon, Bailey's super athletic swing-man dropped in some gravity-defying jumpers to finish the game with 10. You have to wonder though, whether this team's propensity for trash-talking and referee-bashing may come back to haunt them in future games.
Team Hargrove was without their first and second round draft choices (Travis McBride and Red Washington) for the duration of the first half. Even with McBride and Washington available for second-half action, team Hargrove could do little to stop the long-range barrage of Antonio Boyle. Hargrove's team had a balanced attack with Washington, McBride, Darius Skyles, and Hargrove finishing with 6 points apiece. Big-man, and notorious non-dresser in gym, Robert Tyler, led the team in scoring with eight. Brighter days are ahead for this team. It's unfortunate that Hargrove did not have the full roster at his disposal for the entire game. When he does, I expect a much better performance.

Key to the Game: Really, it came down to the hot shooting of Bailey, McClendon, and Boyle. It's no coincidence that these three are under the tutelage of the same teacher with a silky smooth J during their respective gym periods.

Quote of the Game: "Let's go Man!!!!!" - Denzell Hargrove. To get the full effect of this statement, picture Hargrove with a cocked head and an expression on his face as if he had just eaten a sour grape. Usually, this patented Hargrove one-liner will get himself and his teammates headed in the right direction , but it was all for naught on this day.

Team Patrick Glostner 48
Team Turean Conner 40

Pre-season 2nd ranked Team Glostner lived up to the billing today with an impressive victory over a very sluggish team Conner. Let me take this time to pat myself on the back for telling all of you how much of sleeper the talented freshman Remy Price was going to be this season for Glostner (See previous post to witness Nostradamas at work). He was absolutely phenomenal today, pouring in eighteen points and five steals (Even with Glostner sitting him for the last ten minutes of the game in lackluster attempt to freeze the freshman out, reminiscent of the classic Isiah-Jordan 1985 All-Star Game). Glostner had a solid game with 11 points, three of which proved to be a dagger to Team Connor's comeback attempt with 1:05 remaining. Kevin Swanson, who before the game made the statement that "I'm not gonna do nothing cause I don't want to" actually did a lot in the first half with an early ten points. Realizing that this completely contradicted his pre-game proclamation, he subsequently disappeared in the second half.
Team Taurean Connor proved the theory correct that what may look great on paper, may not necessarily translate to the court. This team has a collection of all-stars in Brandon Webb, Xavier O'Neil, and Daniel Palm, but lacks a true point guard to help distribute the ball to these scorers. While O'Neil was the human eraser, coming away with five blocks on the defensive end, Palm and Webb looked like they were allergic to the men they were guarding, staying as far away as possible. Daniel Palm summed up the mentality that is hampering this team's chances for success in his response to the question after the game of "What happened out there Daniel?" "What do you mean Coach? I did good out there today." Clearly, Mr. Palm is thinking about me instead of we. Hopefully, inspirational leader O'Neil can knock some sense into him by the time next week rolls around. Brandon Webb led Team Connor with 17 and Palm finished with 15. Kenny Williams who was as tardy to the game as his usually is to 3rd period, added five to help his team (or should i say collection of individuals?) cut it close in the second half.

Key to the Game: Patrick Glostner inexplicably intentionally missing a free-throw in a misguided attempt to get his own rebound which triggered a run by team Conner that could have cost his team the game. Luckily, Glostner made up for this miscue with his late game dagger.

Quote of the Game: Talking about what was wrong with Team Conner, the great philosopher that is Cash Jones said "If everyone plays their role, they'll win some games." Couldn't have said it better myself Cash. Hopefully that quality insight will translate into you living up to the billing of the number one overall pick. Are you going to be Michael Olowokandi or Lebron James? I can't wait to find out the answer on Friday.