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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rankings After Week 1

Records through Friday, last week rankings in parentheses.

1. Team Patrick Glostner 2-0 (2)

Glostner, Korey Williams, Kevin Swanson, and Remy Price shine in two victories.

2. Team LaQuinn Parks 1-0 (3)

Courtney Ealy and Mario Sawyer play an exciting brand of basketball.

3. Team Kyle Bailey 1-0 (7)

Bailey's crew was not given enough credit in the pre-season. Just ask them, they'll tell you.

4. Team Cartier Brown 1-0 (10)

May have been the most underrated team in the league and look eager to prove themselves.

5. Team Turean Connor 1-1 (4)

Need to stop taking possessions off in order to reach potential.

6. Team Mr. Rhodes 0-1 (1)

Kier Carmichael-Smith needs to be fined or suspended for his violation of team policy (arriving late to the game)

7. Team Denzell Hargrove 0-1 (5)

Got rolled by a hot-shooting Team Kyle Bailey.

8. Team Denzell Smith 0-1 (6)

Ran into a buzz-saw in the form of Team LaQuinn Parks.

9. Team Afure Obeabor 0-1 (8)

Hopefully they got some shots up this weekend in preparation for next week.

10. Team Jeff Jones 0-1 (9)

Need to "Pause, Breath, and Walk Away" themselves to better team chemistry.