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Thursday, April 8, 2010

KBA Pre-Season Rankings

The wait is finally over. The KBA season officially began Thursday in the upstairs gym in front of nearly fifty Kenwood students eagerly awaiting their name to be called by Commissioner Rodgers. Some waited longer than anticipated, while others sky-rocketed to the top of their respective captain's draft boards. While some GMs built their teams around size and strength, others seemed to focus their efforts on acquiring the quickest of guards. A few GMs were able to get some late-round steals, while others picked up players early on that seem destined to be talked about for years in the hallowed halls of Kenwood as first-round busts. A couple selections left both commisioner Rodgers and assistant commisioner Maley dumbfounded, questioning whether GMs were really in it to win the KBA championship, or if they merely wanted to become the Kenwood version of the New Jersey nets.

Many questions loom for the 2010 season which could seperate title contenders from title pretenders. Which players will be able to will their team to victory? Is basket hanging actually a good strategy? Will there be enough shots to go around for certain passing-challenged teams? Can certain players whip themselves into shape before it is too late? Will players be able to keep themselves out of Ms. Callaway's office and on the hardwood for the duration of the season? Only time will give us the final verdict to each of the pressing questions, but one thing is for certain, the 2010 KBA season promises to be an exciting and riveting quest for Kenwood immortality. Let the games and trash talking begin.

2010 Pre-season rankings and team preview:

10. Team Cartier Brown - Part of the reason for the low ranking is the fact that I have not seen many of these guys play before. Dimitri Baker can put the ball in the basket every now and then and Cartier Brown is certainly one of the most athletic players in the league, but I just don't think this team has enough top to bottom to truly compete for a championship. Don't sleep on Derrick Gaddy as a player that can lock down another team's top scorer.

The Good: There will definitely be some high-light reel dunks from team captain Cartier Brown and Gaddy can certainly trash talk with the best of them.

The Bad: Dimitri Baker can not guard anyone! (See 3rd period PE class when Baker tries to guard Coach Maley)

9. Team Jeff Jones - Was Cash Jones drafted #1 overall because of his work ethic and talent or because he is Jeff's cousin? We will have to wait and see. Jones does have a quality inside/outside presence in the form of Phillip Strong. The big question will be whether or not Taiwo Ogunleye can prove all the GMs wrong who passed on him in the draft. If he can be the high-scoring guard that this blogger thinks he can be, team Jones has the ability to soar in the rankings.

The Good: Cash Jones has the second best name in the league (behind Xavier O'neal) and Jeff Jones has worked hard to have a much improved jump shot.

The Bad: The Jeff Jones facial expression when you know that his head is simply not in the game. If this face makes an appearance, do not expect great things from Team Jones.

8. Team Obaebor - This team has great size with Afure Obaebor and Rob Siler patrolling the paint. Although this blogger has never seen Mr. Malinkovich play, I'm sure he is a heck of a player with a lot of international experience. Chaz Thrailkill has proven to be a tough and tenacious defender. It will be up to Obaebor to make sure that Chaz continues to focus on his defense and leaves the offense to the professionals.

The Good: This team does have two players with some quality varsity basketball experience in Obeabor and Rob Siler.

The Bad: Markise Wilson a fourth round pick? I repeat, Markise Wilson a fourth round pick? Dubbed by commissioner Rodgers as the worst player in the league last year, it is hard to imagine that his stock could have risen so high in one off-season.

7. Team Kyle Bailey - Antonio Boyle and Jeremy McClendon are certainly a high-scoring back court, but will there be enough shots for both of them. Bernard Bam Brisco can certainly talk a great game, but will he be able to back it up? Clearly, there are a lot of questions for this team which leads me to believe that they have the ability to finish in the top 3, but certainly capable of finishing in the bottom 3 as well.

The Good: McClendon could certainly make the Spud Webb all stars as the smallest, but probably best dunker in the league.

The Bad: There is not a whole lot of size to this team. Look for Team Conner and Obaebor to exploit this early and often.

6. Team Denzel Smith: Syid Young and Keith Spencer have the ability to be a very dynamic backcourt. This, teamed with a quality big man like Smith, could spell championship. They also have a quality glue guy in Marques Hudson. I'm just not so sure you draft glue guys in the second round.

The Good: Keith Spencer has some great vision at the point and Kehinde Ogunleye is a tremendous shot blocker.

The Bad: Every time Syid Young calls the name of a teacher or coach in a little girl voice and puts his head down pretending that it wasn't him, will lead to his team getting no favors from both commissioner Rodgers and assistant commish Maley.

5. Team Denzell Hargrove: Hargrove is one of the most competitive players in the league but will need to keep his temper in check for his team to thrive. The combination of Travis McBride and Hargrove can work or completely backfire. Both PGs love to have the ball in their hands which could be harmful to the team's offensive flow. The good thing is that they have a guy in Red Washington that is sure to be one of the best scorers in the league.

The Good: Darius Skyles is one of the best late-round steals in the draft. Although if he continues to lie to Co-commish Maley about what period he actually has gym, his days in the KBA could be numbered.

The Bad: There will be an actual scoreboard at all games, leaving Hargrove completely incapable of calling the score out, which ironically enough, always has his team winning.

4. Team Turean Conner - I really, really, really like this team. Xavier O'Neal (Best name in the league), Conner, and Brandon Webb all have the ability to score at will. They are also one of the more athletic teams in the league. They have in inside presence in Big Kenny Williams and a potential defensive stopper in Johnny Jenkins (As long as his team is winning). Stuey Salley is one of the better steals in the draft and could give Conner's team a long-range threat. I expect big things from this crew.

The Good: Brandon Webb is the best scorer in the league and Xavier O'Neal can be a quality shot blocker (As long as it is not when he is guarding Coach Maley in PE) and high-flying dunker.

The Bad: After his European vacation and some more time off, Daniel Palm seems like he is a tad bit out of shape. And by a tad bit, I mean a lot bit. If he can work his way back into game shape and shut his mouth long enough to breath, he can be an asset to this team.

3. Team LaQuinn Parks - To me, Mario Sawyer was drafted way too late in the first round. If you are a guy who likes to score easy baskets, Sawyer who has the best vision in the league, is the guy to have on your team. Parks made the right move in selecting him. Kyle Begusa is probably the best shot blocker in the league and Chris Mister is one of its best long-range shooters. If they can get some contribution from the likes of Sheldon Blanton and Zarpka Bahn, this team will contend.

The Good: Courtney Ealy's length and athleticism.

The Bad: Courtney Ealy's haircuts and insistence that he does not need to change the form on his jump shot.

2. Team Patrick Glostner: This is a high risk-high reward team. Will Kevin Swanson show up to play every game (both literally and in terms the quality of his play)? Can Patrick Glostner use his physicality to impact every game? Will Korey Williams be able to distribute the ball like I know he can? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this team can win a championship. Glostner picked up Remy Price in the third round, which could turn out to be the steal of the draft. Team captains will regret that they did not know about this Freshman.

The Good: Jamal Sykes and Kevin Swanson are a quality pair of post men when they want to be.

The Bad: When Glostner settles for jump shots instead of getting to the rim.

1. Team Mr. Rhodes: What do most great teams have in common? They are able to blend crafty veterans like Rhodes, with quality young players like Squirt Polk, Nick Norals, Kier Smith. They also have a quality glue guy in Darnell Blakemore that will do anything to help his team win. Mr. Rhodes showed what he could do in the student-faculty game this fall. If that was any indication of the type of season that he will have this year, look for Rhodes to be named the MVP of the league and member of the KBA champion.

The Good: Nick Norals is one of the better shooters in the league and Polk has a knack for finding the ball off the glass.

The Bad: Will the belief by students that Mr. Rhodes raffle win earlier in year was rigged leave Rhodes with a giant target on his back and all of the KBA thirsty for revenge? Quite Possibly.


  1. how could you mistaken me for T.C. for those 14pts I put up in our first game against Denzel Smith team?

  2. so i think that i should be up for mvp but my name is not so ill just let my game talk it will stand out