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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rankings After Week 2

Records through Friday, April 23. Last week rankings in parentheses.

1. Team Kyle Bailey 2-0 (3)

Time at the top could be short-lived with tough games ahead for Bailey's crew.

2. Team Cartier Brown 2-0 (2)

Need to prove haters wrong who believe their high ranking is due more to their soft schedule then to their basketball ability.

3. Team Patrick Glostner 3-1 (1)

Upset by Team Hargrove drops them two spots, but look for them to be back on top with a good Week 3.

4. Team Laquinn Parks 2-1 (2)

Loss to Team Glostner is not something to hang their heads about. This group of team-first guys has what it takes to become KBA champs.

5. Team Denzell Hargrove 2-1 (7)

Impressive upset over Team Glostner has Team Hargrove on the way up.

6. Team Denzell Smith 2-2 (8)

Team Smith settles in the middle of the pack after absolutely waxing Team Connor.

7. Team Mr. Rhodes 1-2 (6)

Got their first victory of the season with their drubbing of Team Afure.

8. Team Turean Connor 1-2 (5)

Commitment looks to be a huge issue with these guys.

9. Team Jeff Jones 0-3 (10)

Forthcoming league suspensions to members of Team Jones for conduct detrimental to the school will probably drop them back to #10 by the end of the week.

10. Team Afure Obeabor 0-3 (9)

Some may wonder how Team Jones was able to move out of the basement without winning a game (See Team Afure first half against Team Rhodes for your answer).

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